Internet Coaching Offer

This has happened by accident; I never planned to offer my knowledge, skills, experience (and especially not my time) to help others earn online & achieve the freedom that I am now enjoying.

This offer may never happen again (I’ve said that many times in the past about various events) and always had someone reply ‘I’ll come to the next one’ and each time I respond ‘sorry, but I did say there may never be another’… so PLEASE don’t ignore this message if you are ready to step up and finally ensure your online success.

If you were going to drive a long distance, you’d probably refer to a map right? (I’m sure we have all looked at maps at some stage), and who produced the map?
Someone who has been there before, right? (otherwise would you trust it to be of any value to you?)
And by referring to the map, you appreciate that you are saving a lot of time (and that’s the one resource that none of us can ever replace), and thus you’ll make less mistakes and you’ll get to your goal a lot faster.


I have heard many times that there are lots of scams on the web, and I have to say, i guess it just depends on what you’re focusing on.
I earned my first online income in 1996, and I have spent a LOT of time online.
I have attended many Internet Marketing seminars around the world (I’ve spoken on stage at a few) and I have spent a lot of money online.
In my experience, I like to think (hopefully not too naively) that there are not so many ‘scams’ as really simply people trying to do the best they can with the tools and skills they have.
But how do you really know who is talking theory, and who has proved their system works?

Walking the Talk

I guess (in my opinion… would you agree?), the ultimate test is; are they actually ‘Walking the Talk’?

I invite you to look at (and enjoy) the photos on my facebook profile (, and confirm that I am indeed ‘Walking the Talk’ and even now, I am in sunny Lanzarote at the beginning of February, lunching with friends, exercising on the beach, and planning to go surfing tomorrow.



Cut to The Chase
Ok, so you’ve probably read loads of sales pages by now… in my workshops, I often ask if people prefer long or short sales copy on a webpage, and invariably the answer is always ‘short’!!
So why do the statistics show that long-sales-copy works?
Well ‘maybe’ one reason is that your unconscious mind is thinking “I know I didn’t read all that script that I’ve just scrolled past, but I guess it wouldn’t be there unless there was something to say”

so, we scroll to the bottom in our effort to ‘Cut To The Chase’.
You may say ‘I simply want to know what’s the cost’?
(Note from Mike; I would recommend you double-check; is it a cost or an investment?)
and ‘what’s in it for me’?
Your Investment
I want to help YOU (all of my friends) to become successful online, but the truth is; I really value MY time! Especially now that I am living the lifestyle of a retiree.
So here is my offer…


I will take on SIX Internet Coaching clients only. I already have one confirmed (Gabrielle) and another in the process (it’s because of his request that this whole concept came about), so I have FOUR spaces left only! And they will be on a first-come basis.


I want to make this as accessible for you cost-wise as I can, so I will charge only $678 USD per month (that’s €500 euro or £433 GBP).
Should I say that again? $678pm only (and only $3000 if you’re ready to save, and you pay for for 6 months in advance)… now seriously, you couldn’t employ someone, even with no skills, no brain, no talents or experience to come and clean your home for that rate!!


What You Will Get From Me
ok, so bottom line… I was thinking that 4 hours of my time per month would be a reasonable exchange for $678 but that would mean I am limiting you to 1 hour per week, and I HATE limitations!

I will give you:

My expertise, my knowledge (I can save you a lot of time and money by pointing you in right direction, and most of my recommendations will cost you nothing – I like FREE).

I will give you unlimited email access to my personal email address (no matter how long it takes me to type my responses).
You can ask as many questions as you like, as often as you like, and i will always respond in full (normally within 48-72 hours depending upon internet connection speed whilst travelling).

Basically, I was thinking 4 hours per month for $678 is reasonable, but to be honest, I expect I will give you at least double (8 hours of my time per month)… infact as you probably already know, I like to give value, so I won’t say how many hours at this stage, but let’s just say, I will do you proud & ensure you get good value for money.

Please be VERY CLEAR about this; I do not know any other Internet Expert willing to actually Give Their Time to help… they all simply want to sell their course/software/ebook etc. I am offering here today MY Personal one-on-one Coaching TIME! (this may be the only time I offer this).

I am well aware that we are all evolving at a different pace in our online experience, hence I am concentrating on COACHING the individual rather than TEACHING a particular topic. I have been teaching already successful entrepreneurs for many years, and now I also have LOTS of internet knowledge & experience too.


Do You Qualify?
This is not a sales-ploy, I really truly will not take on any more than 6 people, as I value my own free time too much.
I have a mailing list of 52,000 plus another 22,000 following me on facebook, twitter, youtube, blog posts (and many other outlets), so I know if I sent this message to everyone, there will be many disappointed people today… so I’m not telling everyone on my list about this!
If you are not fast enough to reply, and end up on my waiting-list, I will let you know. However, I will promise to personally answer every single application that I receive before 14th February 2013.

“Nothing great ever comes without sacrifice”

In order for me to establish how serious you are, please send me a detailed email as soon as possible (this offer is on a ‘first-come’ basis) without prejudice or bias.
I want to know as much information about you as possible, so that I can help YOU, so please include;
Name, Contact Info, online experience, your idea, target market, amount of hours you will work at your online project, your budget, current domain-name(s) if any, and your skills (eg. I know one guy receiving this is an out-of-work, yet very experienced journalist, and I have already helped him online).



To be honest, we are all at different stages of our online evolvement, and whilst I can show you how to Make Money Online (and physically see it in your account) within 72 hours (I will give you that information as a free gift from me if your application is accepted), I want to ensure you are setup for life as quickly as possible.

So I will expect you to have made your first online cash within one month (I would be stupid to guarantee that, as one person may do zero work, so I only promise results when I know that I can control the outcome… you won’t get false promises from me), and it may be up to three months before you can rely on your system to work like clockwork & produce the results your really want;


Passive Income that comes in whilst you sleep… trust me, it’s an awesome feeling to awaken and find that you made money online whilst you were sleeping! And for me, that’s BIG GRIN time!


Tony Robbins
I have been lucky enough to have found a number of absolute stars in my life, and I definitely class Tony Robbins as one of them.
One thing that I think Tony does really well, is something that I have always modelled in my other guises as NLP and Hypnotherapy expert, and that is; I won’t simply teach you and help you now, I will invest my time to teach you the tools and skills that you can then use for the rest of YOUR LIFE.
I want to ensure that I get you up and running and earning online as soon as possible, and to ensure that you won’t need me ever again!

(please read those last two sentences again, as I believe they are profound and yet significant)


Life changes; circumstances, weather, finances, relationships, everything changes including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Google, so I will not only teach you what is happening now, but also how to ensure that you stay up to date. (did you know that only two days ago Google made an announcement that WILL affect you?) and you will know how to do this research by yourself from now on (so again, you won’t be relying on me to hold your hand)…
I want to relax and enjoy my life too! (just as I am doing now).


Business Integrity
I discovered many years ago that my number one value is ‘integrity’.
I promise I will not ‘steal your idea’. I have more than enough of my own… infact, you will soon find within our business dealings that I will give you a number of ideas & angles to enhance your online business, that you may not have thought of before. And I have seen a lot of different online strategies that work really well.
Similarly, I want to know that I can trust you not to pass on the information that I teach. (a good magician is sworn to secrecy & only ever shares his secrets with another fellow magician)


From the number of messages I have received (support, encouragement and occasionally good-hearted jealousy), especially regarding my travel photographs on facebook, I am sure that your goal is to generate at least sufficient monthly income online, that you can give up whatever work is currently taking up all of your precious time, finally freeing you (haven’t you been promising yourself and your family this for long enough now?)

In my opinion, freedom is what it’s all about!


I awaken when I want, answer to no boss, I turn left or right as I choose, go ski-ing, windsurfing, cycling (yes I took all the gear with me in my campervan whilst touring through Europe), I can even move onto another country if & when I so desire.
I can work as many, or as few hours as I want, whenever I want, as I have been doing for many years!

So here’s a thought-provoking question for you;
If I have ten times as much freedom as you, does that mean I’m 10x as intelligent?

Haha, of course not!
Just as the winning horse in a race can earn 10x as much as second place (same with Golf, Tennis etc) that doesn’t mean that you can’t beat me soon!! (just keep practising).
So with that, I throw down the gauntlet… are you ready to respond?

When would NOW be a good time to enhance your online earnings?


As for levels of income, there are no guarantees for many, many reasons.

My first ever pupil made money online within two hours, and she was only 24 years old.
At the time, to her, the 99 pounds I charged for my training, was sufficient reason for her to want to ensure she made it work.

Yes you could easily reach 100k+ pa, but i wouldn’t want to disillusion you by saying that everyone will do that, and that you can do it part time.


I have been teaching successful entrepreneurs, business strategies for many years, and unlike every other Internet Marketer that I know, I will actively discourage you from spending too much money online.
I don’t want you to learn internet strategies such as SEO, email marketing, copy-writing, membership sites etc UNLESS you want to become an Internet expert!
My advice is to focus on what YOU do best, and leverage other people’s skills, knowledge, money & time by letting them do what THEY do best.
To give an example of What I Mean; I’m sure we have all taken public transport; bus, train, even taxi or aeroplane… the point here is simple; you took advantage of the fact that someone else has already worked out how to pay for the vehicle, piloting it, maintenance of it, wear & tear etc, and all you did was pay your $5 for a short ride in it. Meanwhile, you made your money to pay for the journey, by doing what YOU do best.

So I would recommend that as the business owner, you learn as much as you are ready to learn, and then you Pay Other People to do what They Do Best.

MY COACHING; I will coach you on the best strategy for your online success, and I will also highlight at various stages, when I believe to be it would be best for you NOT to learn a subject in depth!

My focus is on YOUR online success, which does not necessarily mean YOU do all the work!

To Our Online Success

Mike 😉
haha, if you scrolled to find out the punchline, you probably missed the detail.
So here is the summary;
Firstly; double-check that you are comfortable with the investment amount (scroll up to ‘Investment’)
Second; send me a very detailed email
Finally; do it QUICK (this is only going to appeal to you if you are ready to act NOW… have you finally decided to get serious about earning online? if YES, then I am seriously going to make major changes in your life FAST!)



Now Repeat after me;

I LOVE my Freedom!!

You can have the best Website in the World,
or the best Fish & Chip shop,
but if no-one knows where to find you,
you may as well be in a big black hole somewhere!
– DynamicMike




Attend a LIVE weekend workshop here in sunny Lanzarote as my guest (6 people maximum)… Value £2500

Come as my guest (you still have to cover your own travel, accommodation, food & entertainment).
Each participant WILL make money online in the same weekend!


I have written two books on the subject of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how to dominate the search engines.

I have also written books & video training on Making Money Via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Mobile Websites & Blogs

I have created online courses, I hosted the first-ever Internet Summit in Scotland, and I have spoken from the Internet Platform around the world.




All Rights Reserved Worldwide © Mike Berry (DynamicMike) 2013

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